Poetry of an ending

The words may be about you but they are for me. @astalderea

I couldn’t see the writing on the wall, until you were closing the door. @writergirl20

You’re holding yourself back by holding on to someone who didn’t think twice about letting you go. @zackgreywrites

The cruel words poured out of her throat, and just like that, she broke another human. And when you break another human, you break a little too. @kaitlyn.n.lentulo

When we recognize pain and grief as a healthy response to loss, we can respond with skill and grace, rather than blame and bypass. We can respond by loving one another, no matter what happens. -Megan Devine

I’ve never lost and found so much at the same time. -Feliciana Cacciapuoti-Mathew

Oh, how my soul burns these days, consuming the kindling of pettiness, loss, doubt, and indecisiveness. Atop the kindling lay the real fuel, self righteous martyrdom, hate, jealousy. Please stroke my fire, burn me out, let love, compassion, acceptance grow from the ashes of my pyre, fertile soil, drenched with tears, tended by a caring gardener. Let me sprout as something worthy of all the love I wish to give and receive. @augustus_christopher

And I slipped out of our love like a dress that was so beautiful but had always been too tight. @leahstone

Perhaps you were only meant to sojourn, and now has simply overstayed your welcome; The roads unraveled beckoning to be touched, a saving grace from this wonted existence. Home need not be on familiar lands, arid; Accustomed in years of aimless footprints, eyes war-wearied as it has seen much of what your soul ached for far too long, yet never held. Love, hold tightly on the reins of fearless wanted; Leave quietly into the night and never look back. Plant roots in kinder places where you will flourish; Bestrewn seedlings on fresh earth and start anew. @lswrites

This may be a sad chapter but you are not a sad story. @poemsporn

Once I started writing truth, fear had no choice but to leave. @cwpoet

That’s why I’m here. And THAT’S what I do on Instagram.

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