Welcome to my rediscovery. I spent nearly 19 years – almost half my life – with someone who decided that rather than work on our issues, she’d trade me in for someone else before letting me know or go.

Alone is a new environment for me. Things have changed a lot since I was in the dating pool, like, last century. I’m muddling through, finding my worth, discovering my true friends, and growing in ways I could never have imagined before.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here on WordPress, but I do know that┬áregular journaling since I could write has resulted in an excess of spiral notebooks that I can’t bear to part with, they fill my hall-closet. So, for now, I suppose this is just an attempt at modern journaling. One day I hope to add a bit of versatility – perhaps connect with people who are also working through a difficult breakup … or have anxiety; are grieving a loss; who appreciate animals; or just enjoy reflecting, drawing connections and conclusions.

It’s a big, new, scary brave world out there. I’m working every day to not only stay in it, but┬ábe a better part of it, one day at a time.